Sunday, April 04, 2021

C&RGC Railroad MAP and LOGO

 I have spent some time over the last month or so deciding on a logo for the C&RGC RailRoad. In between layout work sessions, I tried to get my creative juices flowing so I could come up with a system map for the railroad to incorporate the logo also. The system map was created in about two to three weeks, with tons of re-dos. Thank goodness for Google maps and Microsoft paint programs which made the creation easier than I thought and I had some fun doing it too. 

The next project was creating a logo for the railroad. After about a week of trying different free logo creation programs on the web I settled on and it was able to let me establish a logo for the railroad. I wanted a logo that was simple and different at the same time. I finally decided on the logo below.

With the logo created, I was able to move onto creating a system map. I used Google maps to create the routing. I used the print screen function on the computer and pasted it into Microsoft Paint. With Paint, I was able to erase all the map details except the routing and town names and added text where needed, the two railroad logos, and other details. I was also able to copy and paste the routing for Yrbi. I'm not sure if this will be the final version but it gives me a little satisfaction to have a system map. If future updates are made the final versions will be posted to the blog. The system map is shown below.

I would like to have these printed on a brochure along with the railroad back story when I have visitors to the railroad. As always comments are welcomed, so let me know what you think of my map and logo creations.


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  1. Familiar with all of the town except Yrbi - couldn't find it on a map. Curious why you chose Encino and Duran rather than Vaughn? Vaughn is a big RR town. Nice looking logo!